Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's only Tuesday, but I wish it were Friday

My morning started off with a sore throat. Yuck! My first day of class at school number two (school number one started last week), and I'm not feeling good...great:( And just to explain, school #1 is expensive so I only take courses there that are not offered at the cheaper school #2. In my opinion, the science courses at school #2 are equal to, or in some cases better than the more widely known school #1. But again, that's just my opinion.

So moving on...after I get to my first class late because I had to lay back down again for a few minutes before I left the house, I discovered that there was only one seat available off to the side, by itself, and in the front of the room...great:(

Then in my next class, the lab section to the first class, the instructor would not let us take notes. Hello?! She wanted us all to be looking at her! Huh? Then, when I felt that I absolutely had to write something down, she stopped class, pointed at me and told me to stop writing! WTF! This is college lady, not high school or elementary school, if I want to take notes then I should be allowed to take notes.

My evening class tonight went good. I actually understood everything, which is an unusual occurrence for me in a chemistry class. Although, it is only the first day, and compared to the Biochemistry class I'm taking at the other school, it likely just seems easy for now but will probably kick my behind later.

Speaking of Biochemistry, I have a quiz in the morning. Yuck! He sent us a review sheet, and I knew absolutely nothing on it...great, yet again. Looks like I'm going to get to know a chemistry tutor really well this semester:(

Oh well, on to Wednesday...with a smile...even if it is a forced one:) And my throat still hurts...but I'm smiling:)

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